Hello Kitty's Pie Shop

Hello Kitty's Pie Shop


What is Hello Kitty cooking? It's her famous and delicious pie!

Join Hello Kitty in baking the most decadent and appetizing pastries in her newest official game: Hello Kitty's Pie Shop. Hello Kitty's Pie Shop is a fun sim game that lets you play as Hello Kitty in her kitchen. Don a baker’s apron and hat to start making the best cakes and pies in town.
Choose from a wide variety of shapes for your base, select different fillings, cover it, bake it, take your creation out of the oven and decorate your pie with various colorful, mouth-watering toppings!
After you're done, you can share your delectable creation with your friends!



Available on the App Store



Hello Kitty's Pie Shop - Your Own Pie   Hello Kitty's Pie Shop - Play with Friends   Hello Kitty's Pie Shop - Finished Product

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