Hello Kitty Jewel

Hello Kitty Jewel


See your favorite Sanrio characters as shiny, cute and colorful jewels! Match them up as quickly as you can and test your skill in this fun and exciting new puzzle game!


The gameplay is simple: Swap any jewel with an adjacent one to form a chain of 3 or more jewels featuring the same Sanrio character. Get points for each matching set of jewels made – the more, the better! 

The jewels you’ve matched will disappear and new jewels will fill the space. All you have to do is keep matching up those jewels and rack up as many points as you can. Remember that each game has a time limit, so move quickly! 


Each day you will be given target scores that you need to meet to fulfill the quest requirements. Reach the target to earn a special capsule toy with free points inside!


Shake things up with special consumable items to help you in the game. The effects of these items can be stacked, so use two of any item at the same time to double its effect! There are also 3 super consumable items: Badtz-Maru Trick, Little Twin Stars Magic, and Hello Kitty's Ribbon, all with very unique and powerful bonuses and effects!



Hello Kitty Jewel

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Hello Kitty Jewel HD

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Hello Kitty Jewel   Hello Kitty Jewel   Hello Kitty Jewel

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