Press Coverage - 2010

Charitable MMOs We Love
GAMEPRO, 12/23/2010 

Hello Kitty Online: Spooky Makeover Event
Beta Games, 10/10/2010 

Hello Kitty MMORPG For World Aid!

ZombieGamer, 9/9/2010

HKO: The MMO that gives back
Examiner.com, 9/9/2010

Hello Kitty dispatched to help clean up Gulf Oil Spill
Fidgit, 9/9/2010

Hello Kitty Online: Chocolate Harbor Rescue to Aid Charity
Gamefarg, 9/9/2010

Hello Kitty Online News - Chocolate Harbor Rescue to Aid Charity
mmorpg.com, 9/9/2010

Hello Kitty dispatched to help clean up Gulf oil spill
The Software Nook, 9/9/2010

Hello Kitty Online quests up for Gulf oil spill, Pakistan floods
The Video Games News, 9/9/2010

Hello Kitty Online: Chocolate Harbor Rescue to Aid Charity
VirginWorlds.com, 9/9/2010

Hello Kitty Online: Premium Edition Contest
Beta Games, 9/8/2010

Hello Kitty Online Premium Edition Contest
Hello Kitty Junkie, 9/8/2010

Hello Kitty Online Review
mpogd, 9/8/2010

Hello Kitty Online Launches in the USA
chipchicklets.com, 8/30/2010

Hello Kitty Online Gets Premium Edition
Softpedia, 8/26/2010

Hello Kittty Online Launches
Popular Fidelity, 8/26/2010

Hello Kitty Online launches, opens fourth seal of the Apocalypse
Joystiq, 8/26/2010

Sanrio Digital Launches Hello Kitty Online
TMC.net, 8/26/2010

HK-Day arrives: Hello Kitty Online launches in NA and Europe
Massively, 8/24/2010

Premium Edition retail version of Hello Kitty Online out Now
Examiner, 8/24/2010

Hello Kitty Online Goes Retail, Everyone Rejoices
Joystick Division, 8/24/2010

Hello Kitty Online Lauches in US and Europe
Siliconera, 8/24/2010

Hello Kitty Online Launches Across North America and Europe
Inc Gamers, 8/24/2010

Roughly two years after beta, Hello Kitty Online goes retail
Network World, 8/24/2010

Hello Kitty Online Launches in North America and Europe
GamersHell.com, 8/24/2010

Hello Kitty Online Launches In U.S. And Europe
Siliconera, 8/24/2010

Playspan To Power Payments in Sanrio's Social Game Hello Kitty Online
Tech Cruch, 8/10/2010 

Sanrio Chooses Playspan for Hello Kitty Online Monetization
Worlds in Motion, 8/10/2010 

Rise and Shiny Recap: Hello Kitty Online
Massively, 6/19/2010 

Hello Kitty Finally Makes It To The Wii
Kotaku, 6/16/2010

Update from Kid-friendly MMO Hello Kitty Online
MMOHub, 5/21/2010

Hello Kitty Online reviewed
icrontic, 3/15/2010

Hello Kitty Online Players Raise Money for Haiti
Go! Gaming Giant, 2/23/2010

Meodia, 2/23/2010

A Kitty Kawaii Valentine
The Manila Times.net, 2/14/2010

Hello Kitty: Birthday Adventures - boxart, screens, details
GoNintendo, 1/28/2010

Hello Kitty Online’s Facebook App Teaches New Users How to Play
Inside Social Games, 1/22/2010

Hello Kitty Online Holds In-Game Food Collection Event for Haiti Relief
Frisky Mongoose, 1/18/2010

Hello Kitty Online Donating to Haiti Efforts Through Guild Competition
Gaming Angels, 1/18/2010

Hello Kitty Online players to help with Haiti earthquake relief
icrontic, 1/18/2010

Hello Kitty Online's Food for Friends 2 event provides Haiti disaster relief
Massively, 1/18/2010

Play Hello Kitty Online and Help with Haiti Relief Efforts
Ten Ton Hammer, 1/17/2010

Hello Kitty Online 'Music Trailer' Brings Smiles
Shacknews, 1/12/2010

Say Hello! to the new Hello Kitty song - music video and game teaser from Sanrio
Shiny Shiny, 1/12/2010

Video: Hello Kitty Online Music Trailer
GayGamer.net, 1/11/2010

You Don't Want The New Hello Kitty Online Theme Stuck In Your Head
Kotaku, 1/11/2010

Hello Kitty Online releases new trailer and theme song
Massively, 1/11/2010

Hello Kitty Makes A Music Video!
Yahoo! Music, 1/11/2010

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