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Happy 43rd Birthday, Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty is turning 43 but it sure doesn't show, and she's giving away tons of gifts!

Enjoy $15 worth of in game currency absolutely FREE for Hello Kitty Dream Cafe, Hello Kitty Food Town, Hello Kitty Food Town, and Hello Kitty Music Party!

More in-game promos and discount packages await you in these games, so don't miss out on Hello Kitty's Birthday Bonanza!

Happy birthday, Hello Kitty!



Hello Kitty Food Town Pre-Birthday Giveaway

Hello Kitty's 43d birthday is coming up soon and because she has a generous heart, she's giving away some goodies for everyone in Hello Kitty Food Town!

Once per day, you can collect 10 gems for FREE whenever you open the game. This promo ends on the 9th of November so collect them now!

Hello Kitty Food Town:

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Hello Kitty!

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone!
Hello Kitty is spreading joy and prosperity this fabulous Lunar New Year! To celebrate the wondrous Year of the Monkey, Hello Kitty is giving away 200 Kitty Points in Hello Kitty Cafe (Android version) from February 5 to 11, 2016! Launch the game to get your free Kitty Points!
 All the best for an auspicious and prosperous New Year!

Security Advisory: Corrected a vulnerability involving personal information of members

December 22, 2015

Sanrio Digital

EN / CH / JP

Security Advisory: Corrected a vulnerability involving personal information of members


Sanrio Digital notifies that personal information belonging to members of the consumer website was publicly accessible owing to a security vulnerability. The vulnerability has been corrected and investigations are underway. To our knowledge at this time, no personal information of users was stolen or exposed.


On December 19, it was revealed by security researcher Chris Vickery that personal information (such as names, date of birth, gender) belonging to members was accessible by someone who knew the IP addresses of specific vulnerable servers.


The vulnerable data did not include credit card information or other payment information. Users’ passwords were accessible but remained securely encrypted with the cryptographic hash function SHA-1.


Please note that membership data of SanrioTown is not shared with other Sanrio services or websites (such as, therefore other Sanrio services were not affected by this security vulnerability.


We investigated the problem and applied fixes, including securing the servers identified as vulnerable by Mr Vickery.


We are conducting an internal investigation and security review into this incident; at this time we have no indication that users’ personal information was stolen by malicious parties.


We apologize deeply for any concern and inconvenience this incident may have caused.

Tons of fun, surprises, and giveaways on Hello Kitty's 41st birthday!

Hello Kitty’s 41st birthday is November 1, 2015! Celebrate with lots of treats in the delicious new game Hello Kitty Orchard, available for Android and Apple devices in our super special birthday promotion!

In Hello Kitty Orchard, you get to help Hello Kitty collect apples from her orchard the good old-fashioned way: by throwing balls up a tree and using your basket to collect the apples that fall down!

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